What is Computer Numerical Control (CNC)?

What is Computer Numerical Control (CNC)? – Have you ever heard about CNC? Well, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC can be defined as the automatic control of a machine by using a computer. There are several different types of machine tools that can be controlled by CNC such as drills, boring tools, 3D printers, and lathes. Commonly, the machine with CNC programs can be used for processing some materials to make some products with specific details. The types of material are wood, ceramic, metal, and others. The process will be instructed by using the CNC program. So, there will be no presence of a manual operator. Everything is connected to the automatic program. In order to instruct the process, the CNC machine will be controlled by G-code and M-code. The person who experts in the coding program can create a specific G-code and M-code. However, nowadays, it can be made by using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

CNC consists of several different machines. Each machine has specific programs. Therefore, the detail of each machine should be explained clearly. The first example is Mill. This CNC machine often utilizes G-code. The basic concepts of Mill are translating the specific number of the programs to create the movement of the spindle in the different locations. Mills has several functions such as face milling, tapping, shoulder milling, and others. Another CNC machine is Lathe. This machine is used to cut some materials while rotating. Normally, Lathe is developed with the G-code and two axes that consist of X and Z axes. However, the new version of Lathe is developed by online site with more axes so that its performance is getting better. The benefits of Lathe are producing precision and accurate cuts with the fast process.

Another example of a CNC machine is the Plasma Cutter. Like its name, this CNC machine utilizes the plasma torch to cuts some materials such as steel. How can? The use of plasma can help the machine to melt the metals. So, it will be easier to cut the metals with the precision cut. Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is also a part of the CNC machine. The other names of EDM are die sinking, spark machining, and others. Like its name, the electrical discharge can be used for forming a specific shape. This process involves two electrodes that are called as tool and workpiece. Those two electrodes are separated by dielectric fluid. The materials will be placed between those two electrodes.


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