The Use of CNC in Cutting and Lathing Industry

The Use of CNC in Cutting and Lathing Industry Technology has developed. CNC becomes one of the results of the development. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. This kind of technology has been used for long time and it is still used up to now. CNC can be so helpful in making the objects by using tools. Before the existences of CNC, tools are run manually and sometimes its products are not as good as what people have made in the design. Although there has been good design with great precision, manual use of tools still can be quite problematic. It is because the tools are controlled by human and precisions becomes one of the things that can be problems. Operating the tools becomes other problems to face, since sometimes it is hard to run the tools to work on details.

CNC can provide great help for working with the process of cutting, milling, and lathing. This situs judi bola technology is used by industries that work in production and creations of certain objects. With the helps provided by CNC, good results can be obtained since this technology provides better access and process in calculation and precision. I tis different from human that can have problems with precisions, computerized calculation can be much better. Designs can be processed well and CNC will translate the designs, so tools can work based on the model or design with high level of precision. Related to the design, CNC can work with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Design are always made first and after that, the design will be processed by using CNC. In this case, designs can be in a form of 2D or 3D objects. For 3D objects, its precision is also high.

With the help of CNC, all kinds of design can be applied. Even, when the designs have high level of details, CNC can make the tools work based on the design. With this kinds of function, of course all objects can be made easily. Moreover, this can be used for tools in cutting all kinds of material. Whether it is metal, wooden, and plastics, they can be cut well. In the process of cutting or lathing, CNC will make such kinds of trial and this process is usually called “cutting air”. This is necessary to do in order to avoid some problems and mistakes. Although it is helped by the calculation of computer, there still can be error, that is why “cutting air” cannot be skipped and it is always becomes the first process to do when it has come to the cutting process.

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