Some Common CNC Types That You Might Want to Know

Some Common CNC Types That You Might Want to KnowComputer Numerical Control or the CNC machine is getting more and more popular in many different industries nowadays. That is because the CNC machine has been proven as something totally helpful in many different industries and fields. Because of that reason, this machine is used in many different industries all over the world. For your information, the CNC machine comes in some different types and those types can be considered as the main types of CON machines that you can commonly find.

The first one is the router. This type can be considered as the most common CNC machine since the router just need to be programmed to do the engraving. Most of the time, the router is used to engrave on the wooden and metal material. However, the plastic material is also okay. The second one is plasma. As the name implies, this CNC machine is using the plasma torch to cut the materials such as wooden material and also the metal material. Even though this plasma does not need a lot of energy compared with the router, the main problem is that plasma can only do the 2D cutting so that the 3D cutting is likely impossible to happen. The third one is laser. This one can be considered as the development of plasma. That is because you can also cut the plastic material using this CNC machine. As an addition to that, it is more likely possible for this CNC machine to cut through the 3D model from the materials that want to be cut.

The next one is the 3D printer. Some people do not think that this machine is included on the CNC machine type. However, the basic of the 3D printer comes from the computerization and numbers. That is one reason why this machine is considered as one type of CNC machine. For your information, this CNC machine is quite different since 3D printer creates something from zero while the other CNC machines do the opposite. The last one is pick and place. This is something quite unique too since the basic of this CNC machine is picking up an object to be put in some other spots. This kind of CNC machine is usually used on the manufacturing industries, starting from the small smart phone manufacturing to the big car manufacturing industry. However, of course the program that is used for those two manufacturing industries is a bit different.


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