Overview of CNC Machines and Its Types

CNC or Computer Numerical Control are devices using electro-mechanical technology to control machine shop tools. It uses computer programming as the command input. The very first machine were developed within 40s to 50s. The initial machine relied heavily on common technology for telecommunication data storage, better known as perforated paper tape or punched tape. You can read more below to learn further about CNC machines.

Generally, CNC machines are divided into two main categories: novel machining and conventional machining technology. The list below will give more details about the machines included in each category.
• Chemical and/or electrical machining: the machines in this category are considered novel technologies. There are a lot of new technologies that utilize specified techniques to cut various materials. Several examples of this machine category include Ultrasonic machining, Photochemical machining, EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining, Electrochemical machining, and Electro Beam Machining. Majority of these machines are highly specified and used in specific cases for mass-production using a special type of material.
Milling machines: this type of machine is considered a more conventional technology. It is also considered as the most commonly-used CNC machine in the world. The working mechanism of this machine uses the rotary cutting tools to get rid of the materials from the stock unit. Pretty good choice for beginners who just jump into this industry.
• Lathes: this tool is also a more conventional ones compared to the electrical machining. It works like the inverse of drills. Instead of rotating the drills into the materials, this machine works by spinning the material block against the bit of the drill. Typically lathers create contact with the materials by moving the cutting tool laterally until it touches the rotating materials progressively.
• Drills: this is a very conventional CNC machines among all mentioned above. It works by rotating the bit of the drill into the materials.
• Other cutting tools: there are a good amount of new technologies that utilize different mediums to slice the materials. Some of the examples are water-jet cutting machines, plasma cutting technologies, oxy-fuel cutting technologies, and laser cutting technologies.

Overview of CNC Machines and Its TypesThose are some CNC machine types based on its technological novelties. Almost all material are applicable to a CNC machine. Everything depends on the actual application. Materials such as metals (including titanium, steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, as well as plastics (such as polypropylene), fiberglass, foam, and wood, are some of the most common material used in CNC machines.


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