Get to Know About Xinhua’s Newest Broadcasting Channel, CNC

Most of you know that China has restrict rules for its broadcasting channel. Either you know it or not, there is one largest broadcasting channel in China that has a great ower to some news channel in China. Xinhua broadcasting agency is known the biggest of China’s three state media organization alongside the People’s Daily, Communist Party newspaper, and the broadcaster CCTV. In the few years ago, Xinhua have released their new Chinese news channel, CNC abriviated as China’s Xinhua News Network Corporation.

Before Xinhua launched CNC or China Xianhua News Network Corporation, they have released CCTV which was broadcasting in Arabic in 2009. The CCTV goals to reach more than 300 millions potential viewers from 22 countries including the Middle East and the North Africa. As you know that Beijing was already pouring millions of dollars to make their messages heard of all over the world. Beijing also takes control for all news agency and independent broadcasting organization.

After they have been succeed to promote their message in Arabic. Now, Xinhua was already broadcasting in several international languages like Arabic, China, French, Spanish, as well as English. The CNC (China’s Xinhua News Network Corporations) is another way for China to tell the stories with a perspective of China in English. CNC was released in 2010 and was owned by China’s Xinhua Corporation and provaye investors. It provides world comprehend coverage to explain the all positive stories from China and to give a better view of China. The Xinhua’s President also believe that CNC World will provide fair and unbiased news to all China citizens. He also said that CNC World’s is the company’s effort to adapt to the rapid growth of new media worldwide. And, the growth of this broadcasting channel is quite rapid. It has been broadcasting in Europe, America, Middle East, Hong Kong, and other countries.


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