Five Types of CNC Machines

Nowadays, CNC machines become popular, especially in tooling industry. It also gains popularity among DIY enthusiasts for the last several years. CNC machines mostly rely its operation on computers, utilizing software programs, breakout boards, drives, and actuators. With this machine, you can create various products. This article will elaborate some of the most common CNC machines on the market.

Pick and PlaceHere are the brief information of several types of CNC machines for your reference.
• Pick and Place: this type of CNC machine comprise of some nozzles that collect electrical components of electric kit and put them in the location you desired. This type of machine is usually used when creating tablets, computers, cell phones, and many more.
3D printer3D printer: this type of printer utilizes CNC technology for its main operation. It runs using same technology as most CNC lasers. However, 3D printers use an extruder to deposit plastic slowly in a constant motion until the shaped desired is complete.
• Laser: this type of CNC machine, or better known as CNC laser cutters, run similarly to CNC plasma cutters, which will be explain later. However, instead of using plasma, a laser is utilized to cut the metal or wood. These lasers are also useful to cut plastic materials.
• Plasma: this type of CNC machine, or better known as CNC plasma cutters, are mostly used to cut wood and metal (2 dimensional). This machine does not need too much power as compared to other type of CNC machines. It uses a torch of plasma to penetrate sheet metal and wood.
Router• Router: this type of CNC machine is able to engrave plastic, metal, or wood. It can be considered as the most common CNC machine type. As the user, you do not have to manipulate the router. All you need to do is entering the information of the things you want to create to the computer and let the machine do the rest.

When you are looking for CNC equipment, the best way to find it out is to do your business with trusted experts who knows various types of CNC machines and will be willing to take the needed time to discuss the unusual machining needs you have. There are a lot of providers available on the market. You can check reviews beforehand, or discuss it with your more experienced friends before deciding which brand and machine you should use for your business.


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