CNC World News Pushing China International Soft Power

China had taken one latest step in the government’ soft power push by launching its new English states broadcasting channel. CNC World News was known as a 24-hours English language Chinese news. The channel will help to promote the country’s image in international affairs. And, China assumes that CNC World News can stand alongside CNN or BBC that represent western perspective. Besides, China also routinely complains that most of international.broadcasting organizations present unfair and biased information and negative story from the country.

CNC World News

The mission of creating CNC World News is to present international affairs with a Chinese perspective. CNC World News also aims to compete in international broadcasting alongside BBC and CNN. This new broadcasting media seems successfully expand by planning to move its headquarters into Times Square. It goals to reach more audiences from the United of States. In addition, Beijing also has pouring millions dollars to broadcast media in order to promote their messages to the wider world. But, some in the industry says that this will struggle to find a vehicle of investment. The government is really excited to what it was seen as biased and unfair reporting by international media since the Tibetan riots in March 2008. In fact, it has given huge sums to the Beijing Olympics and in Confucius Institute promoting Chinese culture and language. And, it was known as the effort of international soft power.

Furthermore, Professor Lin Xinguang of Tsinghuan University’s journalism school saw that CNC World News cannot live for long period of time. Many of audiences in China cannot watch the channel due to the state administrations was trying to protect it. So, when there is no Chinese viewers, there will not any investment in advertisement. And, the channel will not develop and improve since there is no competitor. He also added that CNC World News will not compete BBC and CNN because they focus on the west. Meanwhile, it will struggle to compete with CCTV which was widely available in China.


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