CNC Wolrd News Aimed to Make China’s Voice More Heard

CNC Wolrd News Aimed to Make China’s Voice More Heard – In the past few years ago, China has frequently complained to most of international broadcasting centers that deliver biased and unfair point of view of news from the country. And, in order to compete some several international news organizations like BBC and CNN. China’s Xinhua launched their new English language news channel, CNC World News. Before it was released, Xianhu has released earlier CCTV channel. This channel also provides news that is translated in Arabic and English. CCTV was aimed to reach for more 300 millions potential viewers from 22 countries in North America and The Middle East.

Moreover, the mission of CNC World News aims to present pertinent current affairs with a perspective of China. As we know that today’s media commonly report news with the perspective of Western. Beijing also have the biggest role in Chinese broadcasting, it controls all news organization including independent news agencies. With CNC World News, China can overturn a lot of negative stories and ignoring positive sides. In addition, China routinely complains foreign broadcasting organizations that present biased and unfair information. Broadcasts like footage from site also are banned in China because there are gambling elements that are banned by the Chinese government.

CNC Wolrd News Aimed

As you know that Chin has a Chinese to English translation for reporting news in their state news organization CCTV news broadcast. China hopes that through CNC World News, Chinese voices can be more heard in the wider world. And ,CNC World News could complete influential international broadcasting alongside BBC and CNN. It could be seen from CNC World News sets its headquarters in Times Square to reach more viewers in the United States. Additionally, in the effort to compete, this new Chinese English language news was created to be a part of China’s effort to improve in international soft world. As the proof, there are huge sums that are invested in the Confucius Institute promoting Chinese culture and language and the Beijing Olympics.


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