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CNC 3 Axis Tube Bender E-mail
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CNC, 3-Axis Tube Bender meets basic industry requirements

Powerbend machines employ hydraulically-powered mandrel tube benders capable of handling carbon steel tube from 50-125 mm dia. With respective maximum bend angles and CLR of 180[degrees] and 250 mm, units feature externally mounted hydraulic valves and filter; plug-in electrical connections to valves with position indicators; and hydraulically powered, direct acting reaction arm. Allen-Bradley alphanumeric keypad offers 1,000 program storage with 16 bends max per program.


World-leading tube-bending and end-forming technology specialists, AddisonMckee, of Preston, UK, and Wilmington, USA, have developed a high-performance, lower cost tube bending range aimed specifically at the more basic requirements of the tube bending industry.

Benefiting from AddisonMckee's reputation for quality, precision and reliability, at an exceptionally competitive price, the new Powerbend range combines years of proven design techniques to provide the high levels of accuracy, repeatability, prompt tool change and ease of operation as required by today's manufacturing industries.

High quality solution of international standards

"As the leading innovator and provider of tube bending technology," commented AddisonMckee Sales & Marketing Director, Peter Chapman, "we have been able to use our expertise to provide a high quality solution for those companies who would ideally like to invest in AddisonMckee equipment, but have not always been able to justify the sophisticated capabilities that some of our machines offer. In the new Powerbend range we have created a choice of exceptionally durable models of international standards and revolutionary design, each with the added advantage of an exceptionally attractive price point. From launch, there will be a choice of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 125mm diameter capability models."

Impressive capabilities

Hydraulically-powered mandrel tube benders, capable of bending carbon steel tube from 50mm diameter to 125mm diameter, the models in the new Powerbend range offer maximum bend angles and CLR of 180[degrees] and 250mm respectively.

Machine beds and tanks are of one integral assembly. Hydraulic valves and filter are externally mounted for easy access. Electrical connections to the valves are of the plug-in type with position indicators. And the bend head is mounted to the bed on slideways and is adjusted laterally for CLR setting by means of a lead screw.

Main spindle

Mounted on heavy-duty taper roller bearings, the main spindle carries the bend arm. Rotation is by hydraulic cylinder connected to the spindle by chains. The angular position feedback to the servo is by encoder, through instrumentation grade gearing from the main spindle.

Simple to locate bend die

Easily located on the bend arm on double drive keys, the bend die is retained by a single nut if a tool spindle is used or bolted directly to the tooling platform for small CLR bending.

Clamp die mounting slide

The clamp die mounting slide is hydraulically powered with toggle mechanism for maximum gripping pressure and operated in a rise and fall motion to clear the tube on subsequent Y axis feeds. The clamp block moves across the clamp slide by lead screw for CLR adjustment. Clamp tooling is drop-in type with simple height adjustment.

Reaction arm / follower slide

Hydraulically powered and direct acting, the reaction arm carries the follower slide which takes the pressure die and is infinitely variable for speed via valve adjustment. The drop-in pressure die has simple screw adjustment for ease of alignment with the bend die.

Wiper die mounting

A rigid mounting post with three axis adjustment for easy set-up ensures good quality bends and long die life.

Plane of bend unit

On all models, the tube carriage (Y axis) moves along the machine bed on precision low friction bearings. Linear motion is by AC motor drive, with position feedback by absolute encoder. The collet is carriage mounted, with rotary motion (B axis) provided by AC motor, with absolute encoder position feedback for precision and repeatability. The master collet is designed to accept segments for the required tube diameters, clamping is by hydraulic cylinder actuated mechanism.

Mandrel unit

Fitted as standard with hydraulic actuation, the mandrel unit includes one 22mm diameter quick-change rod. Anticipated mandrel retraction is standard for high bend quality. Additional rods and automatic mandrel lubrication are offered as optional extras.

Allen-Bradley control

Programming of all Powerbend models is provided by an Allen-Bradley alphanumeric keypad. The many simple routines and features available include: tool monitoring to prevent collision; inch/imperial data input; 1000 programme storage; maximum 16 bends per programme capability; Y, B, C axis data input and automatic release of tube prior to final bend to prevent follower die / collet collision.

AddisonMckee Powerbend features at-a-glance:

o Allen-Bradley Control Unit

o Allen-Bradley Drives & Motors

o Rexroth Hydraulics

o Foot pedal cycle start

o Clockwise Rotation of Bend Arm

o Recapture Software

o Anticipated Mandrel Retraction

o Safety Scanner & Barrier Rail

o Operator manual and Circuit Diagrams

o CE Mark

Powerbend 75 technical data

Axis data

Y = distance between bends, B = angle between bends, C = angle of bend

Axis speeds

Y 60m / min

B 50 rev / min

C 13 rev / min

Axis accuracy

Y +/-0.1mm

B +/-0.1[degrees]

C +/-0.1[degrees]

Operational parameters

Maximum outside diameter 76mm

Minimum outside diameter (guide) 20mm

Maximum wall thickness (carbon steel) 2.5mm

Maximum CLR 250mm

Minimum CLR 0mm

Maximum bend arm rotation 193[degrees]

Maximum tube length over mandrel 3000mm

Working height 1015mm

Tooling centre line height from bend arm 50mm

Mandrel stroke 150mm

Follower stroke 450mm

Reaction stroke 100mm

Hydraulic tank capacity 530I

Hydraulic system pressure 140 Bar

Length rearwards 5200mm

Bend arm radius 700mm

Length forwards 150mm

Reaction arm protrusion 1300mm

Overall width 1930mm

Height 1800mm

Weight 4.5 tons

C axis stall torque 11.5kNm

Safety equipment

Conforms to relative territory statutory requirements

Optional equipment

Mandrel automatic lubrication

Slide-way lubrication


12mm dia. mandrel rod

16mm dia. mandrel rod

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