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Advanced machine tools, industrial upgrading for the energy structure to provide protection

Despite the severe financial crisis in 2009, China is the world’s machine tool industry output and Pin The only growth in sales income countries, after 8 years of consecutive growth. Domestic market share of domestic machine tools from 40% to 61%, from the world’s third ranked first in the world.

Growth of reasons, one company’s products for many years succeeded in restructuring, low-grade, less popular and dependable. Second, Innovation Remarkable achievements to develop a number of high-speed, precision, large tonnage of new products such as cnc machine tools. The face of new energy era of low carbon energy, machine tools ready. The just-ended Copenhagen climate summit, Premier Wen Jiabao announced to the world by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005, down from 40% to 45%. Knew it, the new energy era is accelerated toward us.

Look back at history, the 1974 outbreak of the first energy crisis, the Japanese electronics industry and to develop fuel-efficient automobile, car sales in 1980 surpassed the United States; in 1990, after the second energy crisis, the United States began to develop the Internet, driven the rise of the global network economy. Face of the global financial crisis and the threat of climate change, and every country to promote economic recovery and efforts to combat climate change together, to achieve the recovery of green, green development as a strategic focus. Low-carbon technology, clean energy, innovation and the resulting investment, employment increase, will be pulling out of the crisis the world economy a new engine.

From China’s energy structure, our country is typical of the rich coal, in oil, less gas state, the development of new large-scale renewable energy has broad prospects. At present, thermal power generation accounting for nearly 80%, the power structure is unreasonable. The future, give priority to hydropower development, Nuclear power , Wind power, solar power, biomass and other renewable energy sources and new energy sources is imperative.

New energy development is a national policy to support and focus, China 4 trillion economic stimulus plan, nearly 4 percent for the development of clean energy. Only national fiscal 2009 budget for renewable energy arrangements reached 100 billion yuan more than in 2008 much as 60 billion yuan. “New Energy Promotion Plan” shows the first draft of 2020, the total installed capacity of wind power will increase to about 150 million kW; solar PV development goals of the total installed capacity of 20 million kW; nuclear power installed capacity is running at about 80 million kW .

The face of such high-growth markets, Equipment manufacturing Industry, especially the machine tool industry is doing a good job with sufficient preparation?

To wind power, for example, China’s wind power equipment manufacturing capacity of independent innovation is weak, many of the technical need to rely on foreign R & D institutions to achieve.

Large wind load calculation unit and poor overall design, control systems, generators, Gear Box, bearing the design and production is poor, fan bearings, control system components need to be imported from abroad. Customs figures show first half of 2009, China imported a total of wind power Generator 976 units, totaling more than 98 million U.S. dollars. Data behind the wind power equipment manufacturing in China without a strong real fast?? Really have little independent research and development capacity of enterprises, customs Key Basic dependence on imported parts. The key restriction is that our manufacturing processes and processing equipment is relatively backward.

Machine tools as manufacturing equipment, machine tools, shouldering more mission, the new generation of processing equipment, machine tool demand is the main, need a variety of sophisticated, large-scale numerical control, machine tool equipment, if it can be said, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment , in particular, advanced machine tools is new energy equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade basic security. Fortunately, China’s machine tool business to see this piece of the emerging markets, many companies have done enough to prepare and try.

Takeshige homegrown XKD2755 × 570-2M CNC boring set Liangshuang Long door movement Milling For such a large size wind power gear machining; Jinan Machine Tool Group, developed the first domestic XKV2745 × 200 Ssangyong door moving mechanical axis CNC milling machine key investment projects for the state of South, the Three Gorges water conservancy the basis of the key parts machining equipment to provide a machine tool, especially in the processing of large turbine blades in the past all the dependence on imported equipment; QI tools independently developed the world’s largest heavy TK6932 CNC Double Column Boring and Milling Machine for large hydropower generating units, large nuclear power plant equipment workpiece to provide a key machine tools, foreign monopolization; Tianshui Spark Machine Tool Group of cooperation with the Hunan Electric to form complete sets of wind turbine manufacturers, with an expected annual production capacity of 300 to 500 sets of 2MW direct drive wind turbine generator sets; China The first silicon solar multi-line automatic cutting machine open in Wuxi, Jiangsu Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed to fill the gap.

New era of unstoppable energy, machine tool companies must make adequate preparations for the upgrading of China’s energy structure escort.

I am an expert from China Hardware Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as wooden quilt racks , dustpan and broom set.

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Pre-fabricated and pre-engineered steel structures can now be manufactured to fit the design of any business or commercial establishment. Nowadays, pre-engineered steel buildings are all around us – offices, churches, schools, gymnasiums, auto repair shops, computer stores, storage buildings, and a lot more applications.

Manufacturers of pre-engineered steel building systems can be commissioned to help plan and fabricate the metal structure based on specific dimensions and configurations.  After fabrication, the steel building system will then be packaged as a kit already pre-punched, pre-drilled, and pre-welded by the manufacturing plant.  The package contains instructions for the owner or erector, on how to assemble the metal structure.

Categories of Commercial Steel Structures

Basically, commercial metal structures can be categorized into three. The first one is called steel-framed system. Only the structural frame is made of fabricated high grade steel. Steel frames are lightweight, easy to erect and gives more value for money. Steel frame solutions offer greater design freedom unlike other materials giving the owner, more options with large open space designs. Contemporary designs make use of a lot of open spaces and steel framing is the best way to achieve this.   Steel frame solutions are compatible with all other building products which are often used for internal and external linings. The external finishing of the building can be made of any one or combinations of the following -    brick, stone, or stucco. Structures made of steel frame are used in building insurance agencies, houses and other smaller structures. In fact, the demand for steel frame construction in residential housing has seen a phenomenal growth in the 21st century. Steel frame systems are very well suited for steep and sloping sites.

The second type of commercial all-steel structure is the pole building system. A steel pole configuration utilizes steel  for the structure’s posts and trusses. Affixed to the posts and trusses will be the roofs and the walls made of other materials. Pole building solutions, alternatively known as pole barns, are typically utilized for farming and ranching framework systems.

Another type of all-steel structures is steel arch structure systems. This type of metal structure is generally made of arched steel panes and is the easiest to erect when compared to the previous two styles.  Steel arch building systems are often picked for agricultural and fabrication structures. The whole building is made of steel and is formed in the contour of an arch. The whole arch serves as the structure’s roof and wall.

Advantages of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings offer a lot of advantages. Usually, they are constructed much faster as compared to buildings made of other materials. Money-wise, the costs of steel buildings are usually lower when compared to traditional building methods. A steel structure is lightweight and is very easy to maintain. More importantly, steel buildings offer a reduced risk of fire. Since steel is 100% recyclable, it is more cost-effective in the long run and offers a more environmentally sound alternative to any other construction material. Structures made of steel are more sturdy, remain straight and true, and they can withstand unfavourable weather conditions such as hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and earthquakes. They also have consistent strength and more durable due to their resistance to termites, cracks, splitting and rotting. The steel used in metal structures are coated to ensure protection from rust and corrosion.

Although steel framed buildings are slightly more expensive when compared to traditional wood-based solutions, they are more cost-effective in the long run because they are energy efficient and require lesser maintenance. They offer a more attractive alternative because they can be covered with traditional building materials like bricks, siding and stucco, for a more conventional look. Savings come in the form of reduced insurance cost, lower assembly and labor costs, and decreased construction materials cost due to its prefabricated designing.

Products made from steel are made of recycled steel. Less than 28% of steel frames are made of recycled steel, which can then be recycled again and again. This is good news for the environment because it is estimated that a typical 2000 square foot home made of wood uses timber from around 50 trees. If the same house was build with steel, it only requires about six scrapped automobiles.

These numerous advantages and a greater freedom of choice are more than enough reasons to choose steel buildings over any other construction material. The choice will even make mother earth smile.


About The Author


Shane Watson, an employee of Armstrong Steel.  Armstrong Steel is one of the largest pre-engineered steel buildings suppliers in North America. They are one of the leading steel buildings and metal buildings suppliers.  Whether you want a prefab steel building kit to erect a building or a turnkey solution for your 100,000 square-foot facility, Armstrong Steel is committed to providing customers with the finest building at the lowest cost. Their buildings are durable, attractive and will meet or exceed your specific local building codes. They offer nationwide and international service and delivery of steel buildings. For more information about our building materials visit:

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Sand Washing Machine,screw Sand Washing Machine,sand Washer

China Sand Washing Machine products list, competitive Sand Washing Machine offering in China (Mainland), reliable China (Mainland) Sand Washing machine.sand washing machine is depending on the practice in sand and stone production, absorbing the leading technology home and abroad, and is widely used in sand making industry. It has high efficiency and has the features of reasonable structure, high capacity and low consumption. It can make final products free from dirt and impurities and reduce the high quality sand loss. It is on behalf of the new technique compared with the same equipment in other companies.Screw washer:stuff with different specific gravity falls at different speed in fluid, by this principle and combined with grinders; spiral separator is used to eliminate dust and water in the mining material.Before starting, firstly check the tightness of all the bolts, then raise the handle to make the machine work without load, after making the deposit move, the machine can work normally. The two ends of the bearing should be always maintained with lubricant.Feature Of Sand Washing Machine:
1. Simple structure. The bearing device of impeller drive is separated from water and materials with water, to avoid in a large degree that the bearings are damaged by being soaked with water, sand or some polluted things.
2. Being used for cleaning sand in quarries, it has many advantages compared with traditional spiral sand washing machine: There is little loss for medium-sized and fine sand and stone powder. The grade and the fineness of the sand for construction after being washed can be up to the national standards, such as sand for construction and cobble and broken stones for construction. There are no other wear parts except the screen mesh. It has longer service life and lower maintenance frequency.

More details are in E-mail:

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Industry Analysis: Gas Water Heater Electric Battles Hard To Change The Market Structure

Most recently exposed to a lot of press in the South

Water heater Industry, business people, found a more competitive situation against that

Gas Water Heater Enterprises are playing a “Living Water” with “dead water” between the cards, trying to

Water Heater Enterprises more market share back.

Reporter has learned that the electric water heater gas water heater to a declaration of war, industry giants choose the starting point is “dead water” and “Living Water” struggle. Gas water heaters tend to believe that the storage-type water heater is easily caused by microorganisms in water breeding, adverse health. Gas water heater is used in water, flowing water, and electric water heater is the storage of water, stagnant water. Stagnant water at 80 degrees below, can easily lead to microbial breeding, and “water contains rust, impurities and heavy metal ions, human skin damage.”

China National Hardware Association, said the Deputy Secretary-General Liu Runfeng, gas water heaters have their own materials and combustion incomparable advantages, natural produce healthy “living water” that property. From a practical point of view, now both electric water heater or gas water heater,

Security Problems with qualitative leap than before, people will naturally be more concerned about health care for the quality of bathing.

From the “gas” point of view, the play “Dead Water” and “Living Water” different concept of health, the purpose is very clear that security problems in the gas water heater under the premise of continuous improvement, each must expand market share, a new

Consumption Concept is undoubtedly the best reason to seize the market.

And look back at the evolution of water heater market, in the mid nineties, gas water heater in the market to gain an absolute position, but with the power and

Solar Energy The use of gas water heater market share gradually eroded, from 1998 to 2000, China has been rapid expansion of the electric water heater market. In Beijing, the electric water heater market share of as much as 72%.

Since then, around the safety of comparison, giant water heater has instigated several rounds of World War II, launched in the market for gas-electric sides of the repeated trials and Game, 2002, became fully than electric water heater gas water heater.

Reporters found that the air war to the power, in addition to playing the “health” card, the “air” particularly emphasized the energy saving effect of its own, for the average consumer, it is one has a “destructive” in card.

Gas water heater business that electric water heater manufacturers, although it also played the energy card, but limited to their own way of working principle and heat, electric water heater when the actual work is still relatively low level of thermal efficiency, energy conservation from the real goal there is great gap.

The gas water heater products in terms of energy consumption or use of the cost for itself already has high thermal efficiency and low cost features to use. The mainstream of the current strong market, gas instantaneous water heater arrangement, for example, without using the gas storage hot water heater, instant hot or bath, and thus its

Test Thermal efficiency and the use of the same thermal efficiency. Gas water heater is usually about 85% thermal efficiency, resulting in the same hot water requirements of the energy spent far less than the electric water heater. For consumers, use of energy-saving means cost savings in the cost of living.

China Home Appliances Market United Research Discussion group released “2004-2006 China Gas consumption demand with product research report” shows that the gas water heater market, a strong rise again, the current gas water heater user loyalty to 78.6%, 56.3% higher than the electric water heater .

Liu Runfeng analysis, because the country use natural gas production project, the success of East China Sea and Bohai Sea natural gas exploration, so that the quality of gas around the great change, and unity, thus there is strength in the nationwide brand provide favorable conditions to expand the market. Gas companies have now started to provide around a set of installation, to promote

Service , The cost of decreased use of the residents, help with universal process gas to accelerate the reshuffling.

The reshuffle comes, in August of this year I found the meeting to Kunming, Yunnan, Kunming urban residents in the whole roof is

Solar water heaters We look at the gas-electric dispute nowadays, maybe they will find, in fact, competitors are far beyond the gas and electric 2, such as solar,

Heat Pump

And other means of new energy will be gradually added to the scope of competition in years.

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about cnc plasma table , biogas plant.

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step 2 Constructing the Corner. Fundamentals of CNC Router Structure

This video will instruct you on a non-typical way of fastening two boards together at a right angle. This technique is used throughout the build of the cnc machine

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Home Built 5 Axis CNC Machine. Base Structure. pt1

This is the first video on the 5 axis cnc milling machine/router build. This is part 1 of the base structure build consisting of the structure, cutting area boards, and the x-axis supports.

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X Steel is the Most Advanced Tool From Steel Structure Design

Hire our X Steel designing solutions for the best effective steel detailing job

At Arjun Project Services, we always give utmost importance to the quality of the engineering designing solutions. Therefore, for the steel detailing of heavy structures, we depend on the X Steel designing solutions . X Steel is sophisticated 3D deigning software produced by the Tekla Corporation. The software has some unique features that are effective for flawless steel detailing solutions .

The designing tool features model based architecture that can be used to create intelligent 3D simulated real world structural designs.
The software produces true 3D modeling as the designs contain all geometrical and structural information required for the construction.
The designing tool comes with a comprehensive library of intelligent connections like end plates, clip angles and tube braces to handrails and staircases. While designing you can apply these connections and it will automatically give your correct parameters.
The designing software can be easily customized according to the requirement of the project.
The designing software produces automatic output for drawings, reports and CNC data at any stage of the project.
The software has great features that make the project management absolutely easy. The centralized database lets the user track progress, plan future actions, assign tasks, and send or receive requests.
The designing software automatically stores the changes made in the model and the revised drawings can be recalled at any stage of the project.
With this designing software you can effectively manage the tasks of the project and all the designers and detailers involved in the project can access the same 3D model and up to date information.
The X Steel designing solution is truly a multi user and multi discipline solution that can also be published onto the web.

With all these features and much more, it is quite obvious that the X Steel designing solution is a preferred designing tool for steel detailing all over the world. At Arjun Project Services, our expert designers and detailers ensure that you get absolutely flawless steel detailing solution. The designing tool is also instrumental for reducing the chance of error in the design. With less error in the steel detailing you can gain significantly by reducing the cost and time for fabrication and construction.
Contact Us

Arjun Project Services P Ltd

12, I Floor, I Cross St ,

Karpagam Gardens , Adyar,

Chennai , India – 600020

Tel: + 91 44 426 666 77

Fax: + 91 44 421 151 74


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