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Three Mistakes of Understanding VoIP business and development-VoIP, telecommunications, telephone networks – Communications Industry

TDM-based technology from the telephone switch to packet voice technology as the core technology of the telephone, telephone technology transition direction is determined. In many packet voice technology, VoIP is the only possible direction of development is the mainstream technology for future telephone use, VoIP phone networks in the future status has been established. Telecommunications regulators and telecommunications research sector, telecom operators, telecom equipment manufacturers for the VoIP technology and the current status quo is clear, also gave a high concern and high priority, in fact, has been adopted to varying degrees. Especially in the last two years, various forms of international VoIP services continue to emerge, especially in enterprises to adopt VoIP technology, heating, led the people of the VoIP technology and applications of attention once again.   3 Big Misunderstanding However, the Ministry of Information Industry Jiang Lintao Chief Engineer Telecommunications Research Institute recently in the “IP voice network in China Conference & Exhibition” to do the opening speech that the current understanding of the industry on VoIP there are 3 major errors. One misunderstanding: VoIP Simple VoIP technologies and concepts simple and easy but not its current form and function to provide the business is simple, just a simple point to point call, only phone numbers and IP address mapping database and user terminals an IP phone software can be realized. VoIP is really simple, and its implication of the energy is great, but for various reasons were artificially buried. Misunderstandings 2: VoIP Cheap VoIP services are cheap, but not because of cheap VoIP equipment and transmission costs low, but because of lower operating costs later. In the telephone service network, the main equipment of the overhead costs have not, nor is the cost of transmission costs, but the cost of operation and maintenance is the cost of operation and maintenance personnel. In fact, TDM business equipment costs and transmission costs almost the same now with VoIP, or even lower. Misunderstandings 3: VoIP business needs is not clear
VoIP’s real advantage is that it is a telephone service network development, technology direction, to facilitate business operation and maintenance system synthesis and integration, can generate a large number of telecommunications service network. VoIP for the enterprise cost control, efficiency and business process optimization to provide both traditional communication technologies can not match advantage, once the true scale of commercial carriers, their business needs and business models will be clear and clear. Towards the future development of View from the business, VoIP has had poor quality, cheap, local use of VoIP has been developed to scale the network, the leading operator participation, consumer awareness, and identified as the next generation of alternative network core technology and promising business, but how VoIP should generate profits? Read from the business model and strategy, based on different networks and technologies to adopt the business model and development strategy is totally different, but after a period of development, each has formed relatively unique pattern of development. So what will happen to the future of VoIP technology? VoIP is a technology, it is the voice transmission in IP online; current telecommunications business is moving 100% IP-based direction, it is inevitable that VoIP technology trends and directions. Jiang Lintao that VoIP can have three applications, the IMS system for the transmission of sound; for point to point or multi-point voice communication between; used to build a new telephone system to replace the traditional phone. IMS system in the future, audio and video business is one of the main business, and in audio and video business, voice transmission is used in VoIP technology. But for the future of audio and video services, VoIP technology needs, there are many technical breakthroughs, such as: audio and video synchronization, audio coding technology. So, technically speaking, for there are a lot of work to do VoIP. offers high quality suppliers and high quality products, such as China Sheet Metal Parts , CNC Machining Parts Machining Parts for domestic and oversee buyer. To know more information, please visits

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