Multi-Axis Machining Software

Special modes for advanced multi-axis machining

Newport Beach, California February 1, 2008 Available from NCCS, NCL multi-axis machining software is used in the aerospace, automotive and turbo machinery industry. NCCS has released its latest version of NCL 9.5, which offers an enhanced blend of automated and user-controlled toolpath generation techniques.

Special Modes

NCL offers special modes that give users the ability to generate more precise toolpaths including:

o The ability to automatically lock the tool axis when generating corners

o The option of the tool axis passing through a point

o The option of the tool axis passing through a 3D curve

o The option of interpolation between a start and end vector

With NCL, users can expect quality, flexibility and absolute tool control. The addition of these special modes helps to minimize programming time and reduce programming inefficiencies.

According to David Schultz, NCCS, Manager of CAD/CAM Applications, NCL offers a unique blend of automated and user-controlled toolpath generation techniques that result in reduced programming time and increased quality. NCL sets the standard for four- and five-axis toolpath generation; there simply is no better solution.

About NCCS

Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) has been an international supplier of Computer-Aided Manufacturing software and services for over 25 years. A recognized leader in software solutions for multi-axis machining applications, its flagship product NCL, is used by leading manufacturing companies throughout the world. For more information, visit NCCS, website at